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Author Topic: Sweet vs starchy snack  (Read 462 times)


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Sweet vs starchy snack
« on: November 10, 2017, 08:28:19 PM »
Hi there. Really love the information on this board and your generosity in sharing your knowledge.  My question is about snacks. I make an effort to choose whole wheat snacks but wonder if I should be doing the sweet candy-type snacks or white breads? How long does it take for the seretonin production for candy vs whole grain starchy food? Also is it ok to eat the non starchy veggies between meals if Iím hungry? (Iím always hungry!). If I eat these veggies do they hinder the seretonin production? I have being trying to just have extra snacks but Iím gaining weight in the surge phase. Thanks!


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Re: Sweet vs starchy snack
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 11:11:45 AM »
Hi, and thanks for writing in.  Thank you for your positive words!

Itís  not uncommon for people to gain weight during the surgery face especially if there has been some restriction carbohydrates in the past. This is because  there can be some water retention when you re-introduce carbohydrates.  The rate is weight-loss is also affected by how much you have to lose; the more you have to lose, typically the more rapidly wait is lost.  Everyoneís experience is so different so give yourself time and see what works for you.

It really doesnít matter whether you choose sweet or non-sweet snacks,  or a whole grain versus refined snacks.  The key is to choose snacks you wonít binge on, and also to notice which snacks work best for you.

Yes, you can absolutely eat unlimited quantities of non-Ė starchy snacks throughout the day whenever you would like. They will not hinder serotonin production. Please remember that at large quantities,  even vegetables add calories to your intake. However,  it is more important to do what you need to stay on the program even if you have slow weight loss.

Are you exercising?  Doing what you can to get as much sleep as possible?

I really would like to emphasize giving yourself time to get used to the program and find what works for you  and also to hold on to what it means for you to take care of yourself  which includes being on this program, so my hat goes off to you.

Keep us posted!