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General Topics / Re: Starting the diet on nightshift
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on November 16, 2017, 08:41:45 AM »
Hello, and welcome!  Fabulous that you have read a lot to get familiar with the program - what a great way to start.  Your first 2 days look good with the following suggestions: if you haven't been already, choose low fat meats, and aim for a more vegetables at lunch and dinner focusing on those that are low starch.

I'm glad to know you're trying to plan for a meal and snack schedule with night shift work.  You may need several days of trying different schedules but here's one to try based on your wake-up, nap, and work schedule:

10am - breakfast
2pm - snack
5pm - snack (optional)
6pm - lunch
10pm - snack
1am - half of your dinner
5am - other half of your dinner

Since you're awake so many hours, it makes sense to spread out your meals and snacks throughout the day and night.  Once you get to phase II, there are only 2 snacks but you could stick with the 3 snacks but follow the snack guidelines for phase III (up to 125 calories each snack vs. up to 140 in phases I and II).

Listen to what your body is asking for and notice how you feel when you eat meals and snacks and use that as your guide.  Please keep us posted if you'd like to share - we love to hear from our readers!

General Topics / Starting the diet on nightshift
« Last post by TraumaQueen on November 14, 2017, 10:29:14 PM »

I started the diet 2 days ago and am trying to get the hang of it. I read the book, the forum, and other information multiple times and took notes--i'm kind of a perfectionist, hence, lexapro. I've weighed everything out on a kitchen scale and am using My Fitness Pal

My big question is: how do I do this when transitioning to nightshift?. My first night in, I wake up at 0900, nap from 1500-1730, then work 1845-0715. So essentially I'm up for 20ish hours which equals about 5 meals... How would I stick to the plan? I figured it out when I'm on straight days and nights, but the transition day is confusing.

If someone could look at my first two days of eating and tell me what they think??
Day 1:
B: yogurt/strawberries/granola
S: dry cereal
L: pork chop with huge salad--nonfat skinny latte (worked from Starbucks)
S: angel food cake slice
D: roasted sweet potato and green beans, roll
S: marshmallows

Day 2:
B: protein shake with banana/oatmeal
S: dry cereal
L: fajita meat with spaghetti squash
S: skipped, wasn't hungry, went to the gym
D: Italian potatoes with rest of spaghetti squash, roll
S: skipped, not hungry

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback!

Ask Judy and Nina / Re: Sweet vs starchy snack
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on November 11, 2017, 11:11:45 AM »
Hi, and thanks for writing in.  Thank you for your positive words!

Itís  not uncommon for people to gain weight during the surgery face especially if there has been some restriction carbohydrates in the past. This is because  there can be some water retention when you re-introduce carbohydrates.  The rate is weight-loss is also affected by how much you have to lose; the more you have to lose, typically the more rapidly wait is lost.  Everyoneís experience is so different so give yourself time and see what works for you.

It really doesnít matter whether you choose sweet or non-sweet snacks,  or a whole grain versus refined snacks.  The key is to choose snacks you wonít binge on, and also to notice which snacks work best for you.

Yes, you can absolutely eat unlimited quantities of non-Ė starchy snacks throughout the day whenever you would like. They will not hinder serotonin production. Please remember that at large quantities,  even vegetables add calories to your intake. However,  it is more important to do what you need to stay on the program even if you have slow weight loss.

Are you exercising?  Doing what you can to get as much sleep as possible?

I really would like to emphasize giving yourself time to get used to the program and find what works for you  and also to hold on to what it means for you to take care of yourself  which includes being on this program, so my hat goes off to you.

Keep us posted!

Ask Judy and Nina / Sweet vs starchy snack
« Last post by Lm on November 10, 2017, 08:28:19 PM »
Hi there. Really love the information on this board and your generosity in sharing your knowledge.  My question is about snacks. I make an effort to choose whole wheat snacks but wonder if I should be doing the sweet candy-type snacks or white breads? How long does it take for the seretonin production for candy vs whole grain starchy food? Also is it ok to eat the non starchy veggies between meals if Iím hungry? (Iím always hungry!). If I eat these veggies do they hinder the seretonin production? I have being trying to just have extra snacks but Iím gaining weight in the surge phase. Thanks!
General Topics / Re: Breakfast Carbs & Protein
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on November 08, 2017, 09:40:14 AM »

This is really rough: breakfast protein 15 grams (have 2 eggs), lunch protein about 30g, dinner 10-15 grams on phase II and III.  Carbs 20-25g for breakfast (you can have 2 slices of bread) and 50-60 grams of carbs for dinner.  We tried to keep it simple by outlining the snack and meal program with every day foods rather than grams.  We found that overall, the amounts readers and clients take in balances out when choices are made, and people naturally eat quantities their body needs.  Following the rhythm of eating ultimately is the most important factor for long term weight loss and weight maintenance.  A few questions:

- are you losing weight?
- is your appetite controlled?
- do you feel hunger in the day?
- how is the quality of your sleep, any different compared to when you started the program?
- how is your energy level?
- how is your mood?
Ask Judy and Nina / Re: Road Block
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on November 08, 2017, 09:30:07 AM »
I'm so glad you write in to fill us in on your experiences whatever they are - it is worth remembering that it is a process.  I hope you don't get discouraged and can hold on to the positives and the big picture of weight loss. 

I hear you on the knee - it's frustrating, and pain affects more than the knee.  I also hear you on the SAD - you may benefit from relaxing exercise like yoga or stretch rather than something more vigorous and that is a great way to take care of yourself. 

To answer your questions:
- salt can definitely be associated with water retention (and a pound or 2 weight gain or lack of weight gain), and often we take in a lot of salt without knowing it
- you're spot on about the decrease from 3 snacks to 2
- whether you have sweet or salty snacks shouldn't impact weight loss - the only thing to keep in mind is avoiding snacks that you might binge on
- I do think eating mindfully (and slowing down, feeling relaxed, enjoying the tastes, etc.) does feel more satisfying, but please don't judge yourself and force mindfulness - allow it to happen and realize, life is not a race - it's a moment-to-moment experience in the here and now with no right or wrong

Hold on to what and who nurtures you, step away from yourself and think how would you support a dear friend or relative experiencing what you're experiencing, what can you give to someone else (giving is a gift to oneself in some ways), what are you grateful for, who can make you laugh?, what would you do if you had an extra hour in the day? - spend at least 5 minutes today doing whatever it is you would do to enjoy the extra hour. 

You have a lot of good going for you - aim for the results you want and be gentle with yourself.
General Topics / Re: Gained weight on surge
« Last post by doctriplem on November 06, 2017, 12:37:13 PM »
It sounds like water weight. When you consume carbohydrates, your body converts them to glycogen, which is then stored in the muscles for energy. For every gram of glycogen stored, you gain approximately 2.7 grams of water. This water retention occurs because your kidneys hold on to sodium in response to carbohydrate consumption. Your body reacts to the higher sodium levels by storing more water to keep the sodium-blood concentration at a healthy level. Keep in mind this is temporary and your body will adjust. It shows on the scale but it is not permanent. Watching sodium consumption and drinking lots of water will help it come off.

I initially retained water in the surge part as well but it came off fairly quickly. I weighed myself every day for a week just to remind myself that you can fluctuate and that it is normal.
General Topics / Breakfast Carbs & Protein
« Last post by Thermalnermal on November 06, 2017, 11:30:26 AM »
Please could you advise approximate grams of carbs should be consumed at breakfast.  I am a little confused by the suggestions in the book as they range from 9g carbs for a slice of regular bread to 25g for an english muffin. Same for protein the suggestions range from 8g (large egg) to 15g (1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese) or 1oz (28g) for meat.
General Topics / Re: Gained weight on surge
« Last post by Thermalnermal on November 06, 2017, 11:22:59 AM »
I planned and weighed everything for first 2 weeks. and I am just doing the same for the next 2 weeks.  My bingeing history has been on savoury foods mainly late night cheese & cracker cravings.  I decided to use sweet (no fat) foods as my snack portions as I do not have a sweet tooth, in fact sweet foods make me feel sick, so felt I would be at low risk of bingeing on them.  However, I am not at all used to consuming sugar in my diet, prior to learning about the SPD I had all but eliminated all sugar except fruit understanding that you want to avoid insulin surges.  I am willing to give it another 2 weeks on the balance phase.
General Topics / Re: Gained weight on surge
« Last post by doctriplem on November 06, 2017, 08:53:51 AM »
Hi Thermalnermal - how frustrating! This is just a suggestion- but do you log your food? I use My Fitness Pal food diary (although there are many different ones you can use). It keeps my calories in line and makes me aware of exactly what I am eating. It is so easy to add in an extra 50-100 calories here and there and over 14 days that can really add up.

Another thought - do you weigh your portions? We all are notorious for under-estimating portion size and that can ramp up calorie intake as well. It may also just be a readjustment for your body. If you arenít used to a lot of carbs you will see a temporary increase in water (carb storage) weight but this will come off as your body adjusts. Weight fluctuates like crazy - mine doesfor sure - so it could just have been an off day. Donít give up - next week could be very different.
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