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Author Topic: Enough calories for exercise?  (Read 711 times)


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Enough calories for exercise?
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:55:02 PM »
Yesterday was my first day on the SPD. I also played a 1.5 hour tennis match, which I do 2-3x a week. About 10 minutes into playing, I felt like I had very low energy, and another player offered me a cliff bar. I ate it, felt much better, and finished the match.

Which makes me wonder, should I be eating something additional on days when I am playing tennis or exercising vigorously?

I played after lunch and my snack, but before dinner. Low carb diets have *never* worked for me, that make me incredibly shaky, so I wonder if it was because I had only consumed about 120 calories worth of carbs before playing.



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Re: Enough calories for exercise?
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 06:59:36 PM »
Welcome!  This is great that you're checking in on this having just started - it says to me you want to make it work for you from the beginning which is terrific.

It's wonderful you play a lot of tennis - so fun.  There are a lot of changes when you just start the diet and you may be consuming a lot less than you were before you started.  Some people do feel true hunger for the first few days so it may just have been that.  But you may want to increase your afternoon snack to more like 140-150 calories on days you play tennis.  You shouldn't have to consume more calories on days you play tennis since the meals and snacks are designed with regular exercise in mind. As time goes on as your body will get used to the amount of food.  However, if after a week or so you're still super hungry on days you play tennis, you could try one of the following:

- men's portion of protein at breakfast and lunch, OR
- have the carb portion from dinner instead of snack, and then have 2 snack-sized portions of carbs for dinner along with veggies

See how it goes over the next week or 2 and listen to your body - you'll probably get a good sense of what you need to eat when - but definitely be mindful of the rhythm of eating waiting several hours after eating protein to have snacks and dinner, and don't forget to keep an eye on portion sizes. 

Please keep us posted!

- Nina