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Mentoring and Support / Help with starting
« Last post by Isabella72 on May 23, 2017, 10:16:55 PM »
I am new to this forum, and have a question about the program. I learned about The Serotonin Power Diet after doing plenty of research on antidepressants, and weight gain. I am currently taking Wellbutrin 300mg, and Pristiq 50mg. Prior to taking Pristiq, I was on Cipralex 10mg in addition to Wellbutrin 300mg. Even though it was a low dosage, I gained close to 25lbs due to increased food cravings, and appetite. However, during a 9-10 month period, I was only on the Wellbutrin, which helped me to lose close to 50lbs! I was feeling so good about myself, and my confidence had increased. I also could wear so many different, and beautiful outfits that are currently now sitting in my closet, wishing, hoping that I can one day wear again soon.
I am very frustrated with the weight gain, and notice a lot of the weight gain is around my waist and hips. I know that this is due to the medications. My birthday is July 1, and I was hoping to be down to my goal weight by then but I have been struggling to even lose 5lbs a month!
I came across The Serotonin Power Diet, and felt a glimmer of hope especially after reading many success stories. I haven't received the book yet but have been trying to learn the program from the information that I find online. However, there are important bits, and pieces of information that I don't have to help me be successful such as measurements, portions, etc. I am wondering if anyone can lay out the program for me, at least Phase 1 & 2 until I receive a copy of the book. Also, I am dealing with post-concussion symptoms, and unable to due any strenuous exercise although I am able to walk. I would love to get back into strength training but I'm afraid that I may set myself back if I push myself in this direction. What is the daily or weekly recommendations (time, and type) on exercise?
I am really hoping that I will see progress made for the last few weeks of May, and the month of June. I really want to feel good in my body, and stop feeling uncomfortable, upset and bothered by my weight gain. It's especially hard with the warmer weather as this means less clothing to hide under. This program is my only hope as nothing else seems to be working.
Thank you so much for your help.
General Topics / Re: Phase 2 dinner
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on May 22, 2017, 09:59:06 PM »
Terrific you've made it to phase 2 - I hope things are going well!

For dinner, 2 eggs plus one egg white would work well. 

Here's to your success,
That all sounds great - I know, easier said than done to break habits because change is hard, and can be scary to lose what's familiar.  That "leap of faith" to put yourself out there and open yourself to connection with your kids, having some fun, nurturing yourself, pursuing something you enjoy, etc. can be so rewarding.  Go for it - we all deserve to allow ourselves a life we enjoy and that matters to us!
General Topics / Phase 2 dinner
« Last post by Wellsy on May 21, 2017, 11:13:20 PM »
I'm about to start phase 2 (Balance). For dinner, the 2 ounces of meat is fine to work out (I have scales) but I'm a bit stumped with egg.  so if we want egg for dinner instead of meat....how many eggs? 

Mentoring and Support / Re: I stopped measuring food, and it ruined me!!
« Last post by NurseCathy on May 18, 2017, 08:51:26 PM »
  :)Wow thank you so much for your thoughtful response!!  Your suggestions and encouragement were exactly what I needed to hear.  I can definitely pinpoint my vulnerable time of day which is after dinnertime.  My coworker says she "leaves the kitchen" after dinner and doesn't return.  I will try and think of a relaxing activity I can do after dinner such as reading with my kids, taking a bath, or doing some sewing upstairs.  Thanks again so much!
Dear Nurse Cathy,

First of all I have to say it's very very sweet the families brought in goodies for you :-) But then, yes, it's hard to resist temptations.  It's very important to enjoy life's pleasures and sharing food and treats with others is a must - the key is to plan ahead. For example, the next time you go camping, consider cutting down the portion of dinner carbs and aim for lots of veggies (or fruits if that's easier while camping) and make s'mores a big part of your dinner.  With tempting treats around, you can swap out some of the "healthy" carbs in a snack or meal and have the treat - then share the rest with neighbors or friends or co-workers, or wrap the treats up as single servings and keep them in the fridge for a later time.

And yes, great observation how important it is to measure portions - it helps put other planning measures in place to do so. 

And I completely hear you on how "life" can get in the way!  I wonder if it would help to see what your "vulnerable" times or moments are.  For example, when I'm on the computer for too many hours, I am sooooo tempted to bring snacks and I want to eat mindlessly - since I know this, I make a point to get up from the computer when I feel that stressed / drained feeling and try to remind myself that whatever task at hand I have on my screen, it's not as important as my well-being and being stressed and drained is not OK with me.  You get the idea: if you can observe and then choose what is nurturing and energizing for you in the big picture, you might be able to say "no" to those life situations that drain you and make it difficult to stick to your well-intentioned plans. 

Wishing you more success to build on the beginning few weeks.  I hope you can look at everything since nurse's week as a learning opportunity - this is a journey and ever-evolving.  Define your success - and go for it!

Mentoring and Support / I stopped measuring food, and it ruined me!!
« Last post by NurseCathy on May 17, 2017, 12:22:53 PM »
Phase 1 and the first week of Phase 2 were going SO well for me - and THEN...last week was Nurses Week and I'm a school nurse in a school with very kind and generous families so I got A LOT of goodies, took them home, and it's hard to resist them. I also stopped measuring my food during this week because it was a hectic week.  Last weekend we went camping so I did the best I could with estimating, brought my planned snacks, but when night fell I couldn't resist the s'mores.  And since I wasn't home last weekend, I didn't meal plan for this week.  I realized I NEED to plan and I NEED to measure if I'm going to continue being successful. The biggest challenge for me is "life" getting in the way!
Ask Judy and Nina / Quinoa
« Last post by Sara on May 07, 2017, 10:36:19 AM »

I'm just about to start the diet and wondered what to class quinoa as?
I thought it would be a carb but heard it was a good source of protein too so wondered which of the two you would class it under?

Many thanks & kind regards
Exercise / Re: Enough calories for exercise?
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on May 03, 2017, 06:59:36 PM »
Welcome!  This is great that you're checking in on this having just started - it says to me you want to make it work for you from the beginning which is terrific.

It's wonderful you play a lot of tennis - so fun.  There are a lot of changes when you just start the diet and you may be consuming a lot less than you were before you started.  Some people do feel true hunger for the first few days so it may just have been that.  But you may want to increase your afternoon snack to more like 140-150 calories on days you play tennis.  You shouldn't have to consume more calories on days you play tennis since the meals and snacks are designed with regular exercise in mind. As time goes on as your body will get used to the amount of food.  However, if after a week or so you're still super hungry on days you play tennis, you could try one of the following:

- men's portion of protein at breakfast and lunch, OR
- have the carb portion from dinner instead of snack, and then have 2 snack-sized portions of carbs for dinner along with veggies

See how it goes over the next week or 2 and listen to your body - you'll probably get a good sense of what you need to eat when - but definitely be mindful of the rhythm of eating waiting several hours after eating protein to have snacks and dinner, and don't forget to keep an eye on portion sizes. 

Please keep us posted!

- Nina 
Exercise / Enough calories for exercise?
« Last post by crmurphy04 on May 02, 2017, 04:55:02 PM »
Yesterday was my first day on the SPD. I also played a 1.5 hour tennis match, which I do 2-3x a week. About 10 minutes into playing, I felt like I had very low energy, and another player offered me a cliff bar. I ate it, felt much better, and finished the match.

Which makes me wonder, should I be eating something additional on days when I am playing tennis or exercising vigorously?

I played after lunch and my snack, but before dinner. Low carb diets have *never* worked for me, that make me incredibly shaky, so I wonder if it was because I had only consumed about 120 calories worth of carbs before playing.

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