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Author Topic: New and starting today need help with my black and white thinking  (Read 3186 times)


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Hi i'm a 28 year old female, I have battled with depression on and off (mostly on) since my early teenage years.  I have been on a few different medications in the past but haven't been able to withstand the side effects.  I seem to be particularly sensitive, even on a doses as low as 5mg and usually suffer from a lot of the side effects such as severe bruxism, dizziness, unco ordination, weight gain, dry mouth, confusion etc.  My psychiatrist put me on 5mg of Lexpro and the side effects were bearable except for the severe bruxism I experienced.  My Psychiatrist kept me on
Lexapro but threw 10mg of Busparone into the mix as a bit of an experiment because he had read that it helps with bruxism although it's essentially an anti-anxiety medication.  Busparone made my jaw clenching disappear almost altogether.  The Lexapro wasn't proving to be very effective though so my psychiatrist increased my dose to 10mg and subsequently had to increase the Busparone to 20mg.  Once I settled into my new dose and all the side effects seemed to ease, BAM! weight gain.  I have gained roughly 25kg in a year and a half that's approximately 55 pounds.  Before Lexapro I was the type of person that didn't really worry about my weight and I wasn't too skinny or too fat.  Now I have had a good two years of intensive therapy I have made the decision to wean myself off both drugs for three reasons; my intense weight gain, the astronomical cost of Busparone and I would rather not be dependant on antidepressants for the rest of my life.  I weaned myself off both of the drugs very slowly and carefully and I have now been off them completley for five weeks.  I have already lost three kilos without any effort what so ever.  I got the Serotonin Power Diet book a week ago and I am almost through it. I started the diet today, i'm hoping to shift the extra 22kg or so I am carrying around.  The diet makes a lot of sense to me and seems to be well backed by research.  I am confident that the diet would work for me but I have just one problem, my black and white thinking.  I'm an all or nothing type of person and I can't seem to break that pattern of thinking.  If I decide to do something like follow a diet I have to follow it to the letter and if I make one mistake it's all over.  I know this kind of thinking is not helping me.  I know a lot of people have this problem with dieting. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me? 


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Re: New and starting today need help with my black and white thinking
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 11:26:00 AM »
Hi and welcome!
Sounds like you're really in touch with how you feel, how you want to best manage symptoms, and what works for you.  I applaud the fact that you're taking charge responsibly!

Black and White thinking is not a bad thing in and of itself - what matters is what it is you're thinking about.  For example, if you decide on one thing, for example, that you will write out your meal and snack menus for the entire day and follow them, all you have to do is know did you follow the menu or not?  Think of something concrete which is going to be your strategy (maybe, I will get to bed by 11pm, or I will sit down to eat all of my meals and snacks, etc. 

The key is, you don't have to make your framework so big as in "i'm dieting perfectly or not" or "I'm losing weight or not" - set yourself challenges and a framework that will maximize your chances for success and you will succeed.

All my best,