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Author Topic: Your calendar can support your weight loss efforts  (Read 2054 times)


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Your calendar can support your weight loss efforts
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:36:16 PM »
Sometimes one is lucky enough to have a workout partner, lunch buddy, or supportive ear to cheer you on when the dieting going gets tough.  But how do you go about having someone like this if you don't see an obvious candidate in your circle of family, friends, or colleagues to specifically help you with your weight loss efforts?  If you've already dug deep into who you know and still are at a loss, how about recruiting your calendar and putting things on it that support your overall efforts?  Just having a set time every week when you go food shopping, do some cooking on a weekend, schedule a brisk walk, or do a home exercise DVD is a great start.  Own your time and make it support your goals.  Try this now: choose one activity that you know will make a difference in your weight loss.  Is it an evening out once a month with your friends to lift your spirits?  Making a huge salad, batch of soup, or a pot of whole grain pasta, quinoa, or rice every Sunday?  Hiring someone to help with housework or the kids if you're feeling stretched? 

Don't wait for someone to lose weight for you - take charge in a way that works for you and enjoy the results!