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Author Topic: Lost momentum  (Read 1157 times)


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Lost momentum
« on: May 01, 2016, 10:15:36 PM »
Well, so far the diet isn't going that great for me. The first several days of week one weren't too bad, and it was made easier due to my boyfriend working late every evening so I was only cooking dinner for myself.  But then Friday evening hit and it all went downhill that weekend. We went to our favourite sushi place and I would have definitely eaten more calories than intended. Snacked too much on the weekend as well. Week two was about the same -- not too bad during week days, and downhill on weekends. And I've been unable to get to the gym for a while. Feeling very sluggish, tired, and overweight today.  :(  Even during week one, where I felt 'lighter' and like weight loss -- even water loss -- was starting to happen, the scale had not budged by the end.

I figured this would be tough for me. I'm never good with any diet that requires restricting certain types of food at certain meals. But weekends are proving to be real tough -- and always were.  My boyfriend likes to buy potato chips on the weekend and it's so hard to avoid them.

I wish the medication didn't make me feel so tired too!  I feel like trying to lose weight on meds is an impossible task, and requires calorie restriction that I'm just not very good at.

I'll try again this week.  Really need to get back to the gym too.

Question: for women, is the aim of the diet to provide about 1200 calories per day?


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Re: Lost momentum
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2016, 12:05:35 AM »
Hi there, it IS hard to make changes!  But what makes it easier is being invested in where you want to go, visualizing, reminding yourself why you're on the path you're on, hanging on to the positives along the way, being reminded of the negatives tied to certain behaviors, etc. - whatever is meaningful for you is what is going to work. 

It's easy to get down on yourself when you stay on track most of the time but then get derailed.  But that doesn't mean all-or-nothing: it just means finding the path that has integrity and meaning for you but allows for deviations.  Not derailment or switching tracks. 

OK, some tough love here:
- My sense is you have to have a heart-to-heart with your boyfriend.  He's got to be on board with your plans - it doesn't mean he has to follow the serotonin Power Diet (although, wouldn't that be convenient!) but he has to respect your decision to follow it as a way to feel better about yourself.  Is it possible he feels better about himself if you feel worse about yourself?  If that's off-base, please just ignore it!
- You might need to be less restrictive with your eating during the week so you don't feel deprived and at risk for bingeing over the weekend: can you follow the men's portions at certain meals that might feel hungrier?  Or perhaps the weekend meals are men's portions and the weekday portions stay as women's portions? 
- Try to move beyond wishful thinking: if the meds are helpful in the important ways, it's great you've found something that works.  Rather than wishing you didn't feel tired, feel proud of yourself for getting in some exercise despite feeling sluggish.  Feel proud of yourself for eating energizing food and doing other things to feel as good about yourself as possible.  Buy and wear only clothes you feel good in. But fresh flowers or cut them from your garden to put in a vase in your home.  Surround yourself with people who energize/ inspire you and feel good about yourself. Run away from draining people and clear clutter that bogs you down. You CAN lose weight and be on meds that work - AND feel good about yourself. 

Believe in yourself!  You've incorporated some good things already that I know about from our previous forum exchange, and I know you're thoughtful about your shakes and your eating - and you have what it takes.  Now it's time to put it in place and make it your own!

I'm cheering you on,