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Author Topic: Zodiak Mix  (Read 32 times)

Debby Doyle

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Zodiak Mix
« on: August 07, 2017, 07:48:20 AM »
I am new and in my 1st week of the program. It's going well. I still haven't reached the feeling of being satisfied at night but my determination to get this weight off is keeping me from binging. Anyway, my question is with Zodiak pancake/waffle mix.. . I am hoping you are familiar with this and can tell me how to count it. It is a very high protein pancake mix. Thank you for your help and saving me with this program. I was in tears with frustration from not being able to take this weight off from medication. I'm still skeptical that I will lose but hopeful. Will see on Thurs. When I weigh.


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Re: Zodiak Mix
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2017, 12:18:57 AM »
Hello and welcome. Thank you for writing to us.  Yes, I am familiar with that pancake mix and it's good.  You can definitely incorporate it into the diet and probably best for breakfast or lunch, but if you have carbs and veggies paired with the pancakes, it would work for dinner as well (who says you can't have breakfast for dinner every once in a while, right?).  They're not a good choice for a snack.  Best is to read the label and consider all of the ingredients you're using to make the pancakes in order to figure out how many pancakes to eat at each meal.

Keep in mind that weight loss is a trend and if you don't lose one week don't give up.  Big picture goals are the way to go.  Of course I know it's motivating to get on the scale each week and see the pounds drop and we hope that for everyone but the goal is steady consistent weight loss that occurs in a sustainable and safe way so you can maintain it in the long run and slowly adopt all of the habits and the lifestyle to do so - change can be hard but the results are worth it.  I get it on the tears of frustration but give yourself the gift of time and faith (in yourself and the program) and it will happen. 

Please keep us posted,