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Author Topic: Anti-depressent weight-loss struggles (not overeating carbs)  (Read 1143 times)

Erin dean

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Anti-depressent weight-loss struggles (not overeating carbs)
« on: October 31, 2016, 03:19:52 AM »
Hello All

I devoured the book the night I got it, but I have a question: why do antidepressants interfere with weight loss? From the book I got that low carb diets exacerbate the problem with low serotonin levels which themselves affect ability to control appetite.
I inferred the problem was people can't stick to the diets and when they cheat they binge hard because of the carb cravings. ????

A little backstory: I had a stroke 6 months ago (35yo female, otherwise healthy) gained about 15 lbs in the hospital and wanted to lose it. I went on the slow carb diet from the 4 Hour Body which had been successful for me in the past) but after 5 months of faithfully adhering to the diet I was still about 15 lbs away from my goal. I've been on anti-depressants (For motor recovery post-stroke and migraine prevention.) I was curious if my meds could have something to do with the lack of progress and a search for antidepressants and slow carb diet led me to the serotonin power diet.

I'm curious because I was sticking to it faithfully but without the success from the past.


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Re: Anti-depressent weight-loss struggles (not overeating carbs)
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 10:18:22 PM »
Hello and welcome!

Thank you for sharing your story.  Wow, you've been managing a lot and I applaud you for your efforts to take care of your body and yourself.

It's not exactly clear how antidepressants cause weight gain.  They might change how food is metabolized but if so, it's unclear how.  Many people find themselves more thirsty so they eat and drink more.  Others feel fatigued if the meds disrupt sleep or the meds themselves are sedating which causes overeating for an energy boost.  For others, the carb cravings increase dramatically and they consume the same amount of food as they ate before plus carbs.  Yes, depriving oneself of carbs can definitely lead to carb binges.  I hope I've answered some of your questions but much of it is a mystery.

It is possible that antidepressants have made it harder to lose weight.  As we get older it's harder to lose wight (although you're very young still!) and perhaps your activity level has changed? 

I advise readers and clients to try out this way of eating and simply notice the effect.  Being in touch with how food-body-energy levels-appetite-mood-quality of sleep-exercise (including what type of exercise you do) are interrelated I think gives you an inner guide for what will make you feel your best.  If you can be in touch with the basics, then you can tailor it to your needs (such as the eating schedule, portions, what specific foods you eat, etc.)

Please keep us posted on how things are going for you - here's to you feeling your best! 


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Re: Anti-depressent weight-loss struggles (not overeating carbs)
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2017, 01:20:20 PM »
This is not an answer to your question, but my own little anecdote that kinda relates. In trying to lose some antidepressant weight over the past year and a half, I briefly tried to the ketogenic diet last summer. If you're not familiar, the purpose is to eat almost zero carbs and get most of your macros in fats. I felt AWFUL, gained even more weight, was constipated and basically defunct as a human. I couldn't sleep or exercise at all. I finally stumbled upon the Seratonin Power Diet book and it was a revelation. I started eating carbs again (for the first time without guilt in maybe 10 years) and almost instantly felt 10 times better. I've lost 3 lbs (about 10 more to go) and I finally don't feel like a psycho around food.

P.S. I had your same experience with slow carb. It worked for me years ago when I first tried it but was unsustainable after antidepressants. There really is something about carbs.