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Recipes and Food Tips / Re: Anyone from the UK?
« Last post by Choccie1 on December 09, 2017, 04:11:50 AM »
Hi thanks for replying, I have just been trying to pick soups that are the highest in protein - not ideal! But to be honest I havenít really been following it, I think itís a little complicated so Iím thinking of trying something different. Iíd just love a diet plan that tells me exactly what to eat, when to eat it, with Ďnormalí food  :D Good luck to you and your hubby xx
Recipes and Food Tips / Re: Anyone from the UK?
« Last post by Nelliecat on December 05, 2017, 03:29:40 AM »
Hi choccie1  :)
I'm from the uk. I've stuck to the same boring snacks so not much variety to tell you about but here they are: 2x digestive biscuits, 1x granola bar (aldi), 2x choc covered orange flavoured ricecake bars (aldi), 3x low fat ginger snaps. I seem to be losing weight so these must be ok. I did have the uk version of the book but not sure what i've done with it... I can't answer your soup question i'm afraid as I try and make my own. What protein are you having at lunchtime to go with the soup? I'm trying to lose about the same amount of weight as you and i've done the diet before and it worked well. My husband also did it and lost a stone  :D
Recipes and Food Tips / Re: Slow Cooker Recipe
« Last post by Choccie1 on December 03, 2017, 12:45:45 PM »
Your recipe sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing, I canít wait to try it!!  :)
Recipes and Food Tips / Anyone from the UK?
« Last post by Choccie1 on December 03, 2017, 12:44:32 PM »
Hi everyone, Iím a complete newbie to this and I live in the UK so Iím really hoping I can follow the plan easily. My main question is around snacking, as a lot of the suggestions in the book (after googling to see what they are lol) seem to be American, so I guess Iím looking for a UK buddy whoís been following the plan a while who can give me some useful hints and tips. Iím looking to lose around 21lb.  Iím starting properly tomorrow and have bought the correct foods (I hope). I usually have canned soups for my lunch - is this possible still?
I look forward to getting to know you all  :D
Ask Judy and Nina / MCT Oil & Replacement Meal Shakes
« Last post by Judy M on November 30, 2017, 02:46:05 PM »
I'm new to SPD - I've been on it for about 3 weeks now and have a few questions. 

To give a little background - I have been on anti depressants for almost a year now and have piled on about 30 extra pounds.  Not realizing that my weight gain was due to anti depressants until recently so I began my research and came across SPD and thrilled.  Overall I feel so much better. 

Before going on SPD - I was doing a replacement meal shake 2 times a day with no weight loss (my husband lost 25 lbs) -- Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal - 120 calories, 2 g Fat, 8 g carbs, 20 g protein - is there a way to incorporate this into SPD?  I love the meal replacement for it's convenience.  I mix it with 4 oz of almond milk and 4 oz of cold brew coffee.

Question #2 - I had added MCT oil into my shake - is MCT oil ok to use on the plan? 1 - tbsp - 130 calories - 14 g fat - 0 carbs - 0 protein

Question #3 - Serving size of veggies and meat - is the measurement before cooked or after?

I am so glad that my research led me to SPD - I found in the first 2 weeks of being on the plan that I feel my entire body is functioning better - during Thanksgiving I wavered and I could feel it in my body - it's taken me almost a week to get myself under control and feeling better again.
Ask Judy and Nina / Re: Road Block
« Last post by DebP15 on November 30, 2017, 11:18:50 AM »
My weight loss has been variable, but I plan to continue on for the next 4 weeks (to complete the program) and just keep doing what I'm doing.  I know I'm eating better than I usually do with extra fruits and veggies, and have cut way back on my sugar, so even if I don't lose any more weight at least I'm healthier.  At this point I plan to continue to eat during the day as I am now,  utilizing veggies late in the afternoon for hunger instead of sweets.  I will loosen up a bit for dinner so I can eat more of what my husband is eating,  but I have toyed with the idea of keeping on exactly as I have been with the exception of allowing myself treats from time to time (i.e., with Christmas coming up).  Even if I don't lose enough to be able to fit into that next size down, I know I'll be taking better care of myself. 

Thanks for all your support, and I'm sure I will be returning here regularly! 

P.S. I forgot to mention that I am basically in the balance phase and cravings are pretty well under control except when something luscious presents itself.  I am also eating tootsie rolls as dessert after my evening meal,  since I seem to feel extra deprived without SOME chocolate most days!  I probably will stay on 2 snacks a day with as many all-carb dinners as possible while we in central New York State go through our usually dark and dreary wintertime...! 
General Topics / Re: PGX
« Last post by Lm on November 30, 2017, 06:51:08 AM »
Thank you Nina!
General Topics / Just Now Starting Diet
« Last post by Loretta A. on November 29, 2017, 05:53:55 AM »
I bought the book a few months ago but it wasn't until Thanksgiving Day that I decided I had had enough of my weight. My weight was increasing and I needed it to stop. So I dove into the book and I started exercising. Technically I am only on day 3 of the diet. I have a few challenges to work through but that's got to be normal. My body is going through yet another insomnia cycle (I've been dealing with this issue for years) so getting up early in the morning to go for a walk has not been a problem. This morning I have just started noting a bit of a difference on my scale. Not much but something. Mentally I do feel better, more calm. I guess there is not much point in this post except to kind of put myself out there for accountability and I wanted to share a few things I have done in these first few days that have helped me so that, hopefully, someone else might find encouragement.

I found that adding cinnamon to my coffee grounds before brewing my morning coffee is like having Christmas in my cup.I also add honey to my coffee straight into my cup rather than creamer. It took a bit to get used to but I like it. Pitted dates are my go to when I need a sugar boost.  I have a raging sweet tooth so being able to grab some dates has saved me. Not that I have an abundance of free time on my hands but I have decided to learn how to bake my own bread. Buying store bought bread with a bunch of preservatives can't be all that healthy. Actually homemade bread, toasted and spread with almond butter it really good. I just need one piece. Not sure what Chick fil a does in other states but here in Florida they do not put a veggie wrap on their menu. You have to ask for it. But during this phase 1 of the SPD it's worth asking for. It's not big at all but it is filling.

Tomorrow is my grocery shopping day so I will be stocking up on some things. I was afraid I would not begin to see any results until much later but I'm pleased that on this day 3 I am starting to see some improvements. Baby steps, that's all I can do right now and it is enough. I found that I love making my own snack packs. I love getting up early to walk. I live close to a river that is about a half mile wide...I think. Walking the bridge across the river is so relaxing.

My biggest challenge right now at the beginning is my walking has made me drink a lot of water, which is a good thing. The not so good thing is during the day when my husband and I are out on service calls together (we own a small commercial refrigeration business, it's just the two of us) I have an awful time finding time to use the bathroom. All that water comes back to haunt me. But if I don't drink water then I get dehydrated. I'm hoping that my body will adjust.

Well it's time to get on with my day.
General Topics / Re: PGX
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on November 26, 2017, 01:10:36 PM »
Hello and welcome!

Sure, if you find PGX helps, then you can use it.  It likely won't affect brain serotonin production. 

That's great you've switched to snacks that are less likely to tempt you to binge.  You may want to try high fiber snacks like rolled oats porridge, bran cereal, sprouted wheat bread or crackers.  Just see what works for you. 

I hope things are going well now on the program.  Sometimes the change of season can make the appetite increase.  So can holiday times.  Try a light box if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder.  And try gentle exercise and anything you can do to get as much sleep as possible.  This is the time of year to nurture yourself and practice self care!

All the best,
Ask Judy and Nina / Re: Too much food
« Last post by NinaFrusztajerMD on November 26, 2017, 01:05:55 PM »
Hello and thanks for writing in.  That's terrific you've lost 4 pounds!  Are you in Phase 2 yet? 

There is no need to force yourself to eat all of the food if it's feeling like too much.  There may be some days you'd like to eat all that is recommended but otherwise you can eat less.  The important thing is to follow the eating schedule making sure you don't eat protein too soon before the carbs otherwise you won't get the serotonin-boosting effects. 

Here's a suggestion if you are on phase 2 and you're still finding there's too much food: go to Phase 3.  The calorie amount is slightly less because of the smaller snack size.  You could eliminate one of the snacks if you find you don't need it.  Just try to make one adjustment at a time so you can see what works.  Listening to your body and checking in with what you need is the best in the long run. 

All the best,
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