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Title: Success can be on many fronts
Post by: NinaFrusztajerMD on November 05, 2013, 10:19:02 AM
Losing weight is cause for great celebration - it's not easy!  It's important to recognize and celebrate the many successes along the way both directly related to weight loss and also in other areas of your life.  Here are some our clients have shared with us:

- Discovering that sipping a large bottle of seltzer water at work keeps the munchies down
- Finding a serotonin-boosting slow-cooker dinner that can be made by throwing a bunch of ingredients into the cooker in the morning ready for dinner that the whole family enjoys
- Following through with all of the scheduled exercise sessions of the week
- Having a difficult conversation with a relative or colleague
- Doing something to take care of yourself like signing up for a community center class or hosting a casual party for your local friends where everyone brings something to keep the preparation easy
- Reaching out to a friend who is feeling down or volunteering for a cause you care about

We look forward to hearing about your successes and cheering you on