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Author Topic: Forced To Choose  (Read 100 times)


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Forced To Choose
« on: February 06, 2018, 12:57:37 PM »
In the 10 years I have been taking Cipralex for anxiety disorder I have gained 200lbs.

The only time I can lose weight is by taking less medication or coming off it entirely. While taking the meds I could literally eat from the moment I get up to going to bed at night. Nothing makes me feel full or satisfies me. When I alter my medication to lose weight, the resulting self hatred when I see myself as I am is enough to drive me to exercise and lose weight.

This comes at a price, usually  episodes of despair and anxiety. Iím utterly fed up with having to make a choice of physical or mental health. The doctors literally have no idea what to do about this and a visit to them usually results in me feeling worse.

I have just bought this book hoping at last it might just be able to help. I would so appreciate any messages from people with similar experience. I feel my life is just passing me by.


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Re: Forced To Choose
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2018, 12:59:03 AM »
Hello and welcome.  Thank you for writing and sharing your story.  I am so glad you have found us and our book. 

So many people have had a similar experience to yours, with no answers from professionals to solve the dilemma you describe: having to choose between mental and physical health.  I so hope The Serotonin Power Diet will allow you to have both as it has for many people!

I assure you, many of our readers and clients who have gained a significant amount of weight find that by boosting brain serotonin with the proper schedule of eating and the right foods, their cravings are controlled, they can eat less while still feeling satisfied, and they lose weight and keep it off. Making changes in eating and keeping up some form of movement (you can build up your exercise gradually) can feel challenging at times but controlling cravings by boosting brain serotonin can make it all possible.  We wish all prescribing health care practitioners of psychotropic medications would prescribe The Serotonin Power Diet along with the medication!

If you find initially your appetite and cravings are not under control, consider following the menís portions until your cravings and appetite are under control and then gradually reduce portions, meal by meal, to the Womenís portions.  If you do that and by the end of week 2 you have not reduced fully to the womenís portion, consider staying in phase I for an extra week or 2 until you are following the Womenís portions.  If you are losing weight on the menís portions, consider staying with the menís portions until your weight plateaus and then reduce portion sizes.  The main point is, eat to control your cravings and give your body time to adjust if you need to otherwise if you feel deprived constantly you wonít stick with it and risk bingeing.

Youíve taken a great step getting our book (thank you for doing so), and I hope it leads to many more steps to feeling good about yourself - believe itís possible because it is.